Our experience in production, assemblies and organization of the resources helps teams to integrate the resources in effective manner to achieve group goals. It is often needed to establish sound organization prior to pushing a product to market and this is where we come at best. All the same, establishing equilibrium is one of the main goals we are focusing at.


Setting goals that challenge everyone in the organization to strive for better performance is one of the key aspects in our planning process. Establishing goals, then managing risks and uncertainty are often key factors to a success. Moreover, staffing, coordinating and controlling are key points on our agenda.


Our team of experienced consultants are engaged in the business of giving an expert advise to people working in a professional or technical fields. Our knowledge, experience and expertise make it easier for growing business to get a fast start and a safe push to growing success.

Focus on education

In the fast world as it is today it is common that education is considered a slow and an expensive process. As the consequence, individuals today are oriented to less education and more practice which in some cases can fabricate ambitious, but incompetent resources. Myth follows its long term plan to help local community with providing free courses in Internet and Electronics, for elementary and high school children. Filling education gaps is of a great importance to youngsters whose learning path is covered with various obstacles, thus helping them to identify their real talents.